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Orthodontic braces

I have 3 kids in orthodontic braces. The first one got them in 2015, second one in 2016 and third one in 2017. I did not deduct any of it. I'm still making payments on all 3. Am I allowed to deduct the full price of all 3 braces or just the payments i made in 2017?

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TurboTax Specialist

Orthodontic braces

You can deduct the medical expenses that you paid for in each year, regardless of when they got the braces. Ex: If you are still paying on the 2015 braces and made payments in 2017, then those 2017 payments are deductible as a medical expense if you itemize.


You can't deduct payments made in 2015/2016 in 2017. Those are deductible in those tax years. You can amend those tax years to take those deductions.


How to amend a previously filed return