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How to amend my 2017 tax return, to add my wife's tax

I repport my 2017 tax return ontime, with married people separately. But after 4/15, I found out that my wife stayed in america more than 200 days with her B2 visa in 2017. And she have a part time income for about 30k dollars in 2017(my wife write the things for some advertising company, company  is in china)

Is she eligible to report the tax in 2017?


My wife is waiting for her green card, I think she will get the green card and ssn before July 2018.

My cpa tell me to do it next year, but I think it is not a good idea. 

What should I do, to get an Itin number or to wait the ssn(in July),then amend my tax return to be married people jointly?