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paid twice for turbotax

Hello, Yesterday i went to Office Depot  and bought the turbo tax CD..Last night when i went to do my taxes the CD would not load on my mac book pro because it said that i do not have the latest upgrade to safari..I have used turbo tax for many years and I have always  used the CD version with no problems.... Since i was short on time and needed to get my taxes done, i was forced to buy the online version and basically pay twice for the software... So I was wondering how do i now get my money refunded for the CD that did not work... Will Office Depot take my return opened CD back..Can i get the online fee refunded..I tried to talk to Penny online but she appeared to be a robot and could not answer my question...I was also wondering why didn't the Office Depot employee tell me it wouldn't work..I told him that i was using a mac book pro...Nowhere on your website could i see an answer or solution to my problem....anyhow, any info you can shed would be helpful..and tell Penny I said Hi.. thanks, Joe 

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paid twice for turbotax

Office Depot has their own return policy, so you should contact them to see if they will take back the opened CD. (Often the return policy is on your receipt. Otherwise, you can search for Office Depot contact information online.)


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