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Uber Import - TurboTax counts expenses as Income ! Major Bug I think.

I imported my info from Uber via the API and 2 numbers come across:


1)  Your Gross Income  (about $15k)

2) Uber's fees and other expenses.  (about  $5k ) HOWEVER, TurboTax labeled this smaller number as 'Additional Income' instead of what it says on my Uber Dashboard Tax Form "  Expenses, Fees and Tax"


I'm pretty sure this is the exact opposite of what it SHOULD be labelled because:

I depositied around $10k from Uber, proving that $15k was gross and they took their 20% plus other fees ($5).  But, upon import, TurboTax said I made $20k and owed $5k in tax!  (After calling in and manually deleting the second number, and then manually entering the 3 expense figures that total $5k, I found out I only owe $2k  !!!    So I am assuming there are a lot of Uber Drivers importing their figures and paying over 100% more tax than they should.  ?   


Perhaps the bug is on Uber's side of the API but either way, this is pretty MAJOR bug I think.

If it helps, i am currently not an active driver but I can log into my driver account and get records, so I assume I'm the same in the API.  

 Thanks for any help.  There are hundreds of thousands of Uber drivers in the US.  

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