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TurboTax for 2017 is a total disaster.

Turbo/Tax for 2017 has turned out to be an absolutely unusable program.  The company should consider itself lucky if it doesn't get sued.  I have had nothing  but trouble filing or otherwise finishing, such as printing out my record copies of the returns I have filed.  Last night I spent almost 2 hours with a live support person trying to figure out why I could not efile a return.  We ended up having to print it out to mail it.  Tonight I am trying to print a return.  I click "download/print return pdf".  It keeps opening the How Do I Print page, which says click the "download/print return pdf" button, then press "down load my return" when the next page comes up - except that the next page is always the "How Do I Print" page, and the vicious cycle just repeats.  Two major problems in two consecutive nights. 


Next year, spend the money on coders who at least graduated high school.  This year's batch are morons.  Your app sucks.


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