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Visitor II

Tax Verification

First time user of TurboTax and they are a utter mess.  Tried to file but failed verification.  On third pass trying to snail mail tax forms that printed from TurboTax that do not appear to be set up right.  Now getting mail from my state taxes that medical insurance proof was missing/invalid and I have to refile.  I thought this was supposed to be relatively straight forward.  Does anyone else have these problems?



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Catalyst V

Tax Verification

Let me guess. You used the online version of TurboTax to complete your tax return with. For a first time user of the program I do not recommend that. I always recommend a first time user use the CD version of the program that you physically install on your computer. Much, much easier to navigate and understand, in my personal opinion.

I pretty much know that your fed taxes are not accepted by the IRS, based on the info you provided. But were your state taxes rejected too? If so, then start from scratch with the CD version which you can purchase at You won't have to wait for the CD to come in the mail either. You just download the installation file and install it.

If you have already paid for the online version, you can call TTX support on Monday and see about getting a refund - provided both your state and federal tax return were in fact, rejected if you attempted to e-file both or either.

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