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Realistic Expectations

Hello All,

Been using Turbo Tax for 10+ years.  Always used the Deluxe version (Paid for Federal with 1 State Free).  Price has gone up as TT as added additional features, which is to be expected.  This year tried the online version, and boy do I feel taken advantage of.  I clicked on the Deluxe version, and was rambling along as always, until I was taken back by a screen demanding payment, prior to even completing the Federal Return.  To my continued amazement, I found out I had to not only pay for Federal, but it was also insisting I pay for State.  Since the first page indicated I didn't have to pay until I e filed, I submitted my credit card info, and went onto State.   Since my plan was to use TT to e-file federal, I expected to pay for Federal and expected State would not be charged.  Now the problems begin. . .

The state program would not recognize, or provide the specific worksheets necessary for pension exclusions, which of course increased the amount of taxes we owed.  To the tune of $500 difference!  I never finished State with TT.  I called CS and originally spoke to a representative, who listened to my story, and then asked if he could transfer the call to the department who would credit back State.  Got disconnected/dropped.  I took a deep breath and called back.  Spoke to a very dismissive young lady, who gleefully told me I picked the wrong version.  I re explained patiently the state program was not providing the proper forms, and that I wasn't going to e-file State.  She told me to "listen to her", she wasn't going to refund the State fees.  I asked for the corporate phone number and address.  She asked me to hold on, while she spoke to her supervisor, since she didn't have this information (really?).  I agreed her supervisor could call back and confirmed my phone number.  Five days later I still have not heard from TT, or the supervisor.

However, I did receive an email from TT telling me the case was closed and asking me to complete a survey.  I did indeed take the survey. . .

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Realistic Expectations

Hey ClassicRags,


On that email, it should have provided you a case number. Could you please share that here?


I'd like to look into your case and figure out where it went sideways and get you back any fees that you're due. 


Eric G.

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