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Visitor III

I uploaded my 2016 TT pdf but the info doesn't seem to be there...?

I've been using TT for years. I don't pay much attention other than once a year but it seems that it has always seamlessly imported my previous year's returns and showed me comparisons. This seems great. I expect it.


Sometimes I use the online version, other times I buy a DVD.


This year I used online and it asked if I wanted to upload last year's TT pdf of my return. Sure! So I did. However, as I've worked through this year's taxes it doesn't seem like it has any of my 2016 info available! Or, I'm not positive -- at least it doesn't have much. It doesn't seem like it had our children's info. I have long owned a rental property and all its base info should be coming in. But now it's asking me for my purchase price of the building. I don't remember! I haven't had to input that info for years! Probably I only did it the first time I used TT! This is raising a flag for me. What's up?

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