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Getting imported stock transactions to populate schedule d lines 1a and 8a

2017 tax returns  

First, I am using TT deluxe CD version.   I don't know what will happen other versions.

I have found that if I manually enter stock transactions on 1099-B Wks,  that I create, I can get eligible ones to flow directly to Schedule D lines 1a or 8a

here are the lines I used 

line 1a   must be A or D

line 2 must be checked yes (should be automatically entered)

line 3 must be checked yes (should be automatically entered) 

line 4 enter at least 1 letter or number (it doesn't print)

line 6a sales price

line 7b cost

line 9a should be s or l and (should be automatically entered based line 1a entry)

line 18a must enter M

line 18b must enter 0 

when done correctly there should be no boxes that are pink or red


However, I have found that when I import the transactions,  I can not change the data so the above works.   I enter M on line 18a (it's blank to begin with) and it turns pink  I also enter 0 on line 18b.  the error message I get is that 18a should not have a code for imported transactions.  Line 12b - import code - has a 0.    Deleting the 0 in 12b doesn't work   (it worked in 2016)


TT  this issue has existed since they IRS allowed covered transactions to be summarized and entered on 1 line.   Why can't you fix this?       All other tax software I have ever used allows this.   Do you want your customers to switch to other software that's cheaper than yours.?


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