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Level 3

E-File Transmission Technical Hiccup

Turbo tax will not allow me to e-file my federal return.  It keeps cancelling and saying there is a technical hiccup.  Any ideas what the source of the problem is and how to correct it?

Employee Tax Expert

E-File Transmission Technical Hiccup

Have you tried clearing your cach/cookies and a using a different browser? If so and the issue persists contact support in the link below.


TurboTax Support

Level 6

E-File Transmission Technical Hiccup

My e-file problem was the same, only with the state.  I tried 10-12 times to get the program to submit the CA504 after giving out my personal information for payment and license ID.  Finally gave up in disgust and printed forms out, made out a check and transmitted by USPS. Not the most efficient way, but I suppose I at least saved the $24.99 extra charge (that should have been $19.99).  What I notice most about Turbotax is how they nickel and dime you once you have purchased their product.  Pay extra for the Deluxe ($59.99), for audit protection ($44.99), and whatever else.  In the end you could easily spend more than going to a legitimate tax filer who does it all for you. Just my opinion, of course, but there is no free lunch.

Level 2

E-File Transmission Technical Hiccup

I had the same problem with the app installed on my computer.  Restarted my computer (Mac) and cleaned up cache and cookies (although I was filing through the app so I don't understand why cookies would interfere.

Turbo Tax showed I paid for the e transfer for the state, but still won't work.