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After a TurboTax update, I was sent back to the beginning of the process

TurboTax Home & Business 2017, Mac, CD

I was working on our return. I left the document open, and saved. Today I went to it, and ran the TurboTax update that was available. After the update, the screen said:

"Let's Get a Jumpstart on Your 2017 Taxes" Use "Continue without transferring a tax return" or "Use a tax return that's on my computer". I answered this when I started working on the form, long ago. It lost my place.

I went to the support site, and 8 days ago, "TurboTaxWill" wrote: "Go to the file tab and work your way through there, that is where the last page will be that you need. If this is not what you need please let me know." I tried that, but it read: "We're ready to file your taxes." Cleary TurboTax is not ready; I have lots more information to enter.

I had worked through the form in order, including business, and the last page I was on was: "Here's your W-2 info" (It just shows the number from box 1). "Add W-2 for <myWife'sFirstName>."?


I did find my way back to the W-2 section, but it looked different from what I recall; it included a link to import forms, that I didn't remember seeing earlier.

I want to be ensured that no steps I have *not* already filled out aren't skipped as I proceed (and that all the data I entered is intact). thanks



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