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Interest Income worksheets adjustments

I've completed entering my information and ready to file, but I receive this error message " Interest Income Worksheet Adjustments - 2 is not between the prescribed lower and upper limits" and then the AZ state information sheet pops up. I don't know what this means. Can I go ahead and file and get accepted?

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Employee TurboTax Specialist

Interest Income worksheets adjustments

You probably don't want to until we clear up the source of the error.. Was this error message on the federal review or the state review?


If on the federal review, this might indicate that some value(s) from the federal return, when carried to the state return, were out of range of valid values.


If on the state review, this might indicate that you entered some invalid values in the Arizona return.


Arizona treats some interest income differently than the federal return, for example, municipal interest income from out of state is taxable in Arizona even if it's not taxable on the federal.


Probably the best thing to do is for you to take a screenshot of your error message screen (make sure that all personally identifiable information is redacted), and insert the photo (use the camera icon) into a new reply to this thread. This may make it possible for us to identify the exact error.