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Filing Multiple Tax Returns


How do I start another return in TurboTax Online?

Never start another return by going back and overwriting everything in the return you just filed. This will replace your info, which means you won't be able to retrieve your return later.


You might want to switch to the TurboTax CD/Download software to save money


  • Unless the additional return/s you want to file in TurboTax Online are simple returns and can be filed using the Free Edition, there is a charge for each additional return filed in TurboTax Online.


If you still want to start another return in TurboTax Online, here’s what to do:


  1. Sign out of TurboTax Online.
  2. Select the TurboTax Online product you want to use for the second return and proceed.
  3. On the Create your account screen, set up a new login for the second return.
    • You can reuse your email address if you want to receive e-file notifications for the second return.
    • Up to 5 accounts can be tied to the same email address.
  4. After you've created the new account, you can start working on the second return.


How many times can I e-file using the TurboTax CD or download?

In accordance with IRS regulations, you can use the TurboTax software to e-file up to five (5) federal tax returns. You can prepare as many returns as you want, but only five can be e-filed.


For returns with multiple states, you can e-file up to three (3) states per federal return; the rest must be paper-filed (which probably isn't a big deal, as many nonresident state returns can't be e-filed anyway).

Our license agreement doesn't allow the use of TurboTax for commercial or professional tax preparation. If you need to e-file multiple returns and you are a professional tax preparer, take a look at our ProSeries or Lacerte software.

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