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Upgrade Trap

Before using Turbo Tax you should know that if you are asked to Upgrade and you DO (whether or not it helps you in any way, which in my case it didn't) you won't be allowed to downgrade if you've already paid for the cheaper (and completely adequate) version. I was asked to upgrade because I had 1099-MISC and had already purchased Deluxe for $60.00 but wanted to review before I paid taxes. During the review TT suggested I upgrade to Self-Employed (although a Schedule C is not necessary for my case) and when I realized that literally nothing changed except that I owed $60 more to TT and wasn't able to PAY my taxes that I had already established they did nothing. Couldn't downgrade me back to Deluxe version I already used. Before this one rep tried to convince me Self-Employed was necessary then proceeded to "Teach" me why, but when I explained to him that I'm not completely financially illiterate, that it wasn't, and that I was looking at the IRS website while we were speaking he didn't counter. Primed to take advantage of people - that's how I understand this service.