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Turbotax progression

As I started through TT, I got a page that asked me to check whether all of my situations (W-2's, retirement, etc) from 2016 were still applicable to 2017. I unchecked the ones that were not, then TT started through my W-2's. After completing those, I get a page that asks whether I have any my 1099's, interest or dividends, etc., as though it's not aware it asked me about all those things before it took me through the W-2's. Should I say yes, I have more things, or no, believing that it remembered what it asked me early on and knows it has to take me through all of those?


Sorry, kind of disjointed, but this is my criticism with Turbotax. It seems kind of misleading.

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Turbotax progression

You can visit any topic area in the TurboTax regardless of how you answered the initial questions. Those questions are meant to shape the step by step process, but are not necessary to enter data. Some TurboTax users need more guidance than others, but all program attributes are accessible at all times.