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TurboTax Premier

I have been using TurboTax for over 25 years and liked it. However, this years product is TERRIBLE to use. While in past years it was very easy and intuitive to use, it no longer is neither.


Not to mention, in the email that I received, it indicated the price would be $79.99 (although the highest price I could find for buying it from a retailer was 69.99), while the actually price (which was only shown after I completed my tax return was $119.95  


In addition, I purchased the software at Sam's Club for $64.86 but every time I tried to install it, I received a fatal installation error. I tried to get help from Intuit without success so I was forced to use the online version.


I have also been using Quicken for longer than I have been using TurboTax. This year's experience with Intuit not only has made me so frustrated that I will no longer use any of their products, but in addition, I will make it my personal mission to let as many people as possible know the negative opinion I have of Intuit.