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Foreign earned income PLUS US earned income on a married filing jointly?

SO, I need some advice on how to file and how to get the highest return, because I think even TurboTax is getting confused and does not have an algorithm for our situation.


My husband and I have a few income streams this year... one is work that I did teaching abroad (FAR under the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion amount), then we have his work in the US (also not super high), then we have about $4000 of self-employed income for a US company that I did while working abroad. I have very low (maybe $200-300) of money earned as dividends and interest as well...


We also received a tax credit from the ACA to pay for our health insurance for about 3/4 of the year...


We've had a lot of expenses this year, including preschool childcare and moving and rent. Every time I enter my self-employment income and foreign-earned income, however, Turbo Tax erroneously bumps our "taxable" income WAY higher than it should be.... 


What should we do?