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Visitor II

Forced to buy the Florida state extension

I sent this post already in one of the Intuit/TurboTax websites, but their websites are so fragmented that I don't know if it actually happened. Sorry if you saw the previous post somewhere else already.


So I am a CA resident, filed an extension.

I finally finished my taxes, and I go to finish my state taxes, pay for the $45 fees for the CA state. I have a rental property in Florida, so Turbo Tax tells me that I should add Florida state as non-resident. Except that I already filled the DR-405R a while ago.


And I can't move forward within Turbo Tax, it keep telling me "Get done with state?", I click Yes, and it shows me all the states that I have to pay for. It knows that I have CA state paid and installed, but it does not allow me past that. And TurboTax keeps looping between those screens.


Am I really just getting forced to pay for the Florida state, even if I don't need it?



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Visitor II

Forced to buy the Florida state extension

Hmm, so actually I ended up paying $45 for my state CA, but it should have been a free state, included with my install. I am a long time user of TurboTax, but this seems all broken. :-/