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Visitor II

Federal software bug with printing after electronic filing

Intuit.  You suck because I can't simply report a bug.  Or if there is a way, you hid it.  Making me post it in community like this tells me you don't care and you don't want to hear it.


Bug #1

So I tried filing electronically, but it was rejected by the IRS because my AGI didn't match.  But I checked it with the transcripts and it matches.  However I lost my previous year's tax pdf file so I can't be positive, plus I amended it, but my AGI shouldn't have changed.  The only difference was some additional payments I had to add, nothing to do with my AGI.


Bug #2

After I printed it, it shows on the printed copy that I filed it electronically and no address of where to send it, whereas the state one shows the address to my state because I never filed that electronically.


Seriously?  If I'm printing it to file, put the damned address on the instructions and don't include the certificate of filing electronically unless I'm printing for my records, which I'm not because I selected Print to file by MAIL.