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Deeply disappointed with turbotax and intuit

I have had an absolutely terrible experience getting my refund back using the prepaid card. Received my card in the mail, I activated it, tried to use it in three different places, and to my surprise it was declined each of the three times! So I figured I'd call the number on the back of the card, right? Surprise again! I received a card that already has a -$1 balance on it! At this point I wanted to ask someone at support as to why my card has no balance, but guess what? There exists no option in the phone system that gets to a human being.


Ok, so call Intuit, right? I find their number, wade through the ocean of phone options, only to be told by the robot that since I didn't pay for "plus", I cannot even be connected to an operator in the first place! For good measure I call back, and I try to go through a different part of the system just to get to a human being, but no dice. I just want to ask a question about my card!!! For the record, I PAID to have my money sent on the card (bad idea). How DARE you deny me the ability to speak with an operator.


Finally, I get online, and google my question. Turns out, it's normal to receive the card first, and the return gets put on it later. This was reflected NOWHERE in the documentation I received with the card. The fact that I had to turn to Google just to get my question answered reflects abysmally on Intuit and all associated. I work in IT, I work with end-users on a daily basis, and I advise them on software choices. From this point on, until Intuit makes it easier to ask a human being a question regarding a service that I PAID FOR, I will never, under any circumstance, use or recommend any Intuit product or service ever again. I will never forget the disdain shown to me by this company. This level of service is completely unacceptable. As a testament to this poor level of service, as there is no human to be found at any of the phone numbers, no email, and no chat, I have to leave my criticism here!  Get your act together, Intuit. So disappointed.