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Visitor II

Can i pay turbo tax fee with someone elses credit card?

I would like to pay for using TurboTax Deluxe with my friend's credit card. I am outside the USA now and don't possess my own US issued credit card but my friend gave me all the credit card information needed for using his card, including his address, phone number and e-mail but the payment doesn't go through. I fill out everything once I get to "Pay with your credit card" section but just get an error message "We are sorry, we are having trouble authorizing your credit card. Please verify your billing address and try again."


What should I do different? Should I change my Personal info in my TurboTax Deluxe or in the Intuit account? If so, what exactly should I change? Or is an IP address from which I submit the payment so important?

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Catalyst V

Can i pay turbo tax fee with someone elses credit card?

Hard to say exactly why the credit card company is rejecting the transaction, but they may have flagged it as potentially fraudulent. Your friend would have to call the card issuer to find out.