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Bait And Switch

You have lost a long time customer.  You posted an advertisement with one price and when I took the time to complete my taxes, you switched the prices and increased the cost to almost twice the cost. You also made a horrible design on your website.  You're going the wrong direction.  With those types of practices, you've proven that you can't be trusted with my info. Also, YOU DON'T HAVE AN OPTION TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!! Are you kidding?? You need to delete my information. If you get hacked and I am affected, there will be a lawsuit. 

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Bait And Switch

I'm sorry you're experiencing multiple frustrations with TurboTax right now. There are a few reasons the price might have ended up differently - did you end up in a different version of TurboTax than the one you started in? Perhaps there was something that prompted you to upgrade, or a situation with your taxes that required an upgrade.


In terms of deleting your account - Unfortunately, once a TurboTax account has been created, it cannot be deleted. If you'd like to clear all current information from the account, you can use the "Clear and Start Over" feature.


Once you've paid or registered, we're required to store copies of your return. These are the same requirements imposed on accountants, CPAs, and other professional tax preparers.


Whether you're going to use your TurboTax account in the future or not, we're still dedicated to protecting every customer's personal and financial information. Find out more.