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Visitor II

Automated Phone System Almost Lost You a Customer

If I was less persistent, you would have lost a loyal customer. I've been using TurboTax every year for ten years.


It was difficult to find the customer support number. When I finally did find it, the system hung up on me 4 times. I could not get through to an agent no matter what I did. It did not recognize my support number. It didn't recognize my email or phone number (the email hasn't changed since I first started filing taxes in 2008 or 2009).


The system kept saying it wouldn't connect me to anyone unless it knew what I wanted, but there wasn't an option for my problem and it kept trying to see if I had paid for support. The question I had should be covered for free by any company. It had to do with your pricing.


I don't know how, but after 20 minutes of failed calls, I managed to find a different phone number. It connected me to the same system that hung up on me again. Finally, I found an option where one of your reps would call me. That worked. But everything up to that point was EXTREMELY frustrating and made me never want to work with your company again.


The woman who answered my call's customer service is the only reason I will continue working with you. 


I strongly suggest you fix your automated system.