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Level 2

Credit Score

What are some things everyone is doing to improve your credit scorr
Level 6

Credit Score

I personally calculated how much I could pay on my cards each month and divided that by 30 days and pay that amount to a card each day. I am working on the higher interest cards more aggressively. It would seem better in terms of interest to just pay the full amount I can at once, but for my sake of viewing available money I do day by day.

I also keep tabs on my credit score and cards. I have been reviewing different cards that I am soon going to request a conversion for.

My best advice would be to stay on top of paying down and using less, but don’t stop using entirely as they may close your card. That happened to me once for a card I hadn’t used in 8 months.

My credit score has increased by 19 points since June.
Level 2

Credit Score

In all,
Own a Smartphone.
Open a checking account. $
Add a Savings account. $
Apply funds for Secured Credit Card. $

(Cash don’t Credit)
Debit Card
Put max income availablity in checking.
Debt amount ~ 80% < ~Income amount
Move money as to average purchases with checking.
Keep in mind, this is base, all balance to financial stability can be structured here when all is in fundamental order.

(Use credit Wisely)
Credit Card
Credit limit affects purchase limit.
Purchase limit ~ 25% < ~ Credit limit
Make payment ASAP, don’t procrastinate.

In time, various cards can be of benefit.
Hesitate from uncertain applications.

Planned/Intended expected expenses
Deposit ~ 10% < ~ Income

Monitor Checking.
Manage Credit.
Secure Savings.

Credit Karma
Credit Sesame