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Taxes after claiming mileage

Hey guys. I was wondering if you could help me out with this.
Currently I work for Uber full time and use the Self Employed app with the turbo tax monthly bundle. Little backstory: like any normal uber driver should, set aside money for taxes after they add up their weekly earnings. The tax in NY is 15.3 but since uber takes a small portion thats counted in my 1099 when it comes i end up saving 20% for taxes just to be safe (this is my first few months working for uber) Say i on Average before taxes I earn $1000. I take the 20% which would be 200 for taxes right? Good. Now i noticed the app accounts for all my expenses but im only allowed to pick one dependant or the other. Mileage or expenses. Ill be doing mileage because on average i drive 800-900 miles a week and since in NY you get 53 cents for each mile and thats a little over 400 bucks after doing the math to write off. Will it technically mean i wont need to pay taxes at all since the mileage pretty much guarantees the pay ill be reimbursed for? Does it mean i dont have to even worry about setting money aside for taxes?
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