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Visitor II

Customer Support is lacking due to too much AI

I need to actually speak to a live person at Intuit Turbotax, but I am being forced into Self-Service and the community for support. 


I did my taxes this year for the first time with Intuit Turbotax and I have a question about my account. I logged into my account and the system recognizes me, but there are no documents. In addition, when I did try to call the IVR system didn't recolonize me with my phone or email so I could not get passed to a live person. 


The system is not seeing me, but I have proof of my account because I did file my return. How can I actually get supported by this Turbo Tax when they are not recognizing me as a paying customer?


Very disappointing and frustrating... you are taking AI to a level where the customer experience is horrible because you are making people go through all these hoops and wasting so much time. 


How can I talk to a real person... oh and the call back feature worked, but I missed the call by 1 minute and the option is no longer available to me.  So I am being put in a time out or something. 

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