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Visitor I

Return not accepted?

I filled out my returns earlier today, downloaded them and printed them.  But I haven't gotten a notification that they were accepted???  HELP?

Community Manager

Return not accepted?

@Babsy1991 The IRS can take 48-72 hours to accept/reject a return after you've e-filed.  If you don't get an acceptance/rejection email within the next couple days, let us know and we can help.

Visitor III

Return not accepted?

1. Hardware glitch happened.

The IRS confirmations are delayed this year because of the hardware glitch a couple of days ago.


2. Turbotax policy change happened.

I found out just today that if you use a different email from your last year's return, TURBOTAX will hold your return for 48 hours and not submit it. They will tell you they have efiled it in that case, but then will send an email to your old address that they didn't really file it.


In either of these cases, it's just a matter of waiting.