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So I come here, I file my taxes, I had them rejected because I put my husbands name on them first ...I changed that, and the state and IRS accepted them.


Tonight I get a message saying that I need to fix my taxes and resubmit, but I had already gotten one from the IRS AND Turbotax saying that I was accepted by the IRS an STATE (which I already got back).


So I come here to check on them and it says I did not file and need $50 to get a copy? Seriously?  I check with my account and it just keeps taking me in circles. Its like it doesn't know that I was ever here.


I've used Turbotax for years....what the heck  is going on ? this is crazy.....


Allen & Julie Boelter


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TurboTax Specialist


First, you can click here e-file status lookup tool to check your e-file status to see if your return is accepted. And if so, you may be logging into the wrong account when trying to find that return.


Sometimes people may have more than one account and if you log into a different account from the one you filed the return in, you won't see it. If you have more than one, you receive emails from them all.


You can go here How many TurboTax accounts do I have? and use those steps to see if you have more than one account tied to your email address.


And if your federal return shows as accepted at that e-file status link above, you can track your federal refund status at Where's My Refund?